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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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If you really get stuck, please email our system support director. But check out the Q&A below as you may find your answer there.

I'm not getting a confirmation or password reset email First, check your spam folder. If it's in there, you should be able to mark it "not as spam" and any further emails should go to your inbox. If it's not in your spam folder, your ISP may be blocking emails from us for any number of reasons. Contact them and see if they will whitelist the domain "". Why doesn't this system recognize my email? This is usually one of two things: 1) Make sure the spelling of your email is correct and there are no spaces before or after. 2) Your email changed from when you first joined IRN. If you can, go through your old emails and search any correspondence from IRN. I'm trying to login and this *&@*% thing keeps telling me the username or password you entered was incorrect! More than likely there's a typo in either the username or password. It's not uncommon to misread an uppercase "O" vs. the number 0 or lowercase "l" vs. the number 1. The best practice is to copy and paste directly from the email. However, also double check when you copy that it doesn't add an extra space. You can check that by pasting into the username area to see what is actually being pasted before you put it in the password field. Can I change this crazy password to something easier to remember? Yes, however we encourage you to leave them as is from a security standpoint. It's not so much that someone will target you specifically, but bots (programs) that travel throughout the internet looking for vulnerabilities in order to gain access to a database. Once they gain access, they can really make life difficult. Good solid passwords protect the integrity of the system. In most modern browsers, you can save your login information. I was able to login but the pages look wack! This system has been successfully tested on the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Mac Safari. Using outdated browsers will diminish the functionality of the system. We strongly encourage you to update your browsers to their latest versions.

We hope you find this system to be a great tool. Please try to remember that this system is new and there is always a possibility of uncovering bugs. We appreciate any input to issues or errors you come across. Please specify what page you experience the problem and copy and paste the error to the system support director.